Is Selection Of Personnel For A Company Making Me Rich?

Recruitment and selection of personnel

Recruitment and selection of personnel for a company is the process of identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and the job holder, advertising the position and choosing the most suitable person for it.

The success of any business depends to a large extent on the quality of its staff. Recruiting employees with the right skills can add value to a business and recruiting workers with a salary or wage that the business can afford will reduce costs. Therefore, employees must be carefully selected, managed and retained, just like any other resource.

What is recruitment and selection, and is there a difference between recruiting and selecting employees for a company? How do organizations conduct the recruitment and selection process for maximum benefits?

These and other questions related to a company’s personnel selection and recruitment are addressed in this article. Read on to get an in-depth idea of these terms that are frequently used in today’s job markets.

What is recruitment in a company?

The process of searching for suitable candidates and reclutamiento de personal que es attracting them to apply for vacancies in the organization is called recruitment. It is the first step in the selection and appointment of suitable employees for the organization. It will post vacancies through advertisements in newspapers, online job portals, LinkedIn, consulting services or even its own company page, if it has one.

In general, recruitment is a singular process that has a full life cycle. It starts with the organization’s identification requirements and is completed with the introduction of the hired employee.

Important activities involved in recruiting

Looking at the activities that are part of each process will help you get a clearer idea of what this concept means. Before defining what recruitment is, take note of the actions that take place during recruitment:

Analysis of vacancies and job requirements within a company.

Advertising about the vacancy through various channels such as newspapers, recruitment website, media, periodicals, LinkedIn, etc.

Attracting interested candidates to complete their applications for the jobs on offer.

Managing the response from interested candidates.

Screening of submitted applications.

Selection of candidates.

What is the selection of personnel for a company?

The selection of personnel in a company refers to the set of actions by which an organization chooses a fixed number of applicants from among those who have applied for vacancies.

A company’s recruitment process incorporates the final appointment of new employees to fill the company’s positions, i.e. the term recruitment refers to the placement of suitable personnel in the most suitable job.

How to budget for recruitment and selection

The budgeting of a recruitment process is a rather unknown and generally poorly controlled topic by human resources managers. But the reality is that a recruitment and selection process involves an economic cost and must be managed effectively so that the company does not make a loss.

Calculation of direct costs

These are the costs directly related to the provision of this service. Therefore, they are the costs of publishing the offer and the materials used for testing. They also include the costs of renting the premises where the selection is carried out, the costs of subsistence and accommodation of the recruiters, and the cost of the hours worked by the recruiters.

Ventajas y desventajas de reclutamiento tradicional y electr\u00f3nico. - YouTubeAs these costs are consumed in their entirety during the process, they must also be added to the budget in their entirety. If the cost of publishing the offer is 150 euros, the same figure will appear in the budget.

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