Best Apps For Shopify To Increase Sales & Conversion


It is one of the most social proof software tools that will increase your Shopify store's sale and conversion rate.It is one of the best software as it is used for building customer messages and with that, you can give social proof at your website to earn trust. This app has also collected high star reviews from one of the top eCommerce platform Shopify.

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It is one of the best social proof tools.It is an easy way to organise the most valuable thing for marketing that is customer reviews. It allows you to collect, reduce and show different feedbacks from the customers. It also helps to increase your Shopify conversion rate.

Google Analytics

Yes, every website and start business wants more and more traffic to increase sales but for this, you have to know about your existing traffic so that you can lay out your plans and for this Google analytics helps.It is a web service offered by Google that tells you all about your existing traffic and with this, you can gain information about your audience. You can use this in your Shopify store.


It is the best social proof tool and also the best app for Shopify that will increase your sales and conversion rate.

Fizfy Social Proof Notification Tool is the most powerful tool which influences visitors and attracts them and also skyrockets sales and conversions at the store. It is the best social proof tool out there. Fizfy helps in increasing Sales, Conversions & Signups.

This software provides 40+ Social Proof widgets which you can use to create Notification widgets at Fizfy Social Proof Notifications. List of Fizfy Notification Widgets:

  1. Recent Activity
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Button Popup
  4. Cookie Notice
  5. Video Notification
  6. Call in Action
  7. Coupon Code
  8. Social Widget
  9. Fizfy Collector
  10. Emoji Ratings
  11. Email Subscriber
  12. Callback Collector
  13. Feedback Collector
  14. Mail Collector
  15. Text Collector
  16. Testimonials
  17. Subscriber Collector
  18. Recent Sales
  19. Sales Count
  20. Active Visitors
  21. Informational Bar
  22. Collector Bar
  23. Coupon Bar
  24. Button Bar
  25. What's App
  26. Messenger
  27. Viber
  28. WeChat
  29. Telegram
  30. Instagram
  31. Snapchat
  32. Skype
  33. Line
  34. </ol


    It is one of the best social proof tools that help your customers a lot during online shopping as it helps in finding out the things that are hard to find or say are invisible. Nudgify lets you use nudges through which you can show recent sales, sign-ups and reviews of your customers.

    Social photos

    It is again one of the best social proof tools that you can use if you have a store on Shopify. This social proof tool allows you to collect photos from all over the social media platforms and then you can apply those pictures in your Shopify store.


    Privy is a pop up that Shopify provides to your store and it is one of the best tools to increase your sales and conversion rate. With the help of this app, you can create exit-intent pop-up and you do remarketing, retargeting and also email campaign. Shopify has rated this app as the number 1 app and is used by 300, 00 small businesses.

    Fast checkout

    It is one of the best apps for Shopify to increase your sales and conversion. It is one of the best page features plug-in that you can use in your Shopify store. With the help of this app, you can remove a step from your conversion funnel and with the help of this, you can even add animation to your CTA buttons in your store.

    Wishlist plus

    It is one of the best apps for Shopify to increase your sales and conversion. It is a multipurpose app that opens a new area and gives your customers a new feature. With the help of this app, your customers can add the products how to buy telegram membershow to buy telegram members their «Wishlist». With the help of this, they can save the product that they like and can come back late and can make complete their purchase.

    Bizzy social proof

    It is yet again one of the best social proof tools out there in the internet world. This social proof tool is developed by Pixel Union. With the help of this software, you can show the notification on your store whenever your store seals a deal and with this, you can increase your sales and conversion as you can give social proof.


    Trust is one of the best apps on Shopify which will increase your sale and conversion. It is the trust and security app that will give confidence to your customers as with the help of this you can give trust signs on your product pages and also on your checkout page.

    Smile rewards

    With the help of this app, you can increase your sale and conversion rate. This app allows you to create customize emails and pop-ups.

Fizfy is a Social Proof Notifications Software which helps websites, Influence Visitors to increase sales & conversions.

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